STUPID Spelling Words

Posted on: January 17, 2010



Ya gotta LOVE elementary spelling lists.





Last week’s words win the prize.





My 3rd grader, M1,

came home with


on her list.





Now, is that REALLY a word EVERY 3rd grader MUST KNOW how to spell in order to be considered ‘well-educated’ or at the very least, ‘competent’?







 be on the big state

Standards of Learning’ test?






in a 3rd grader’s knowing how to spell this particular word? 





Will my kid be READING


Of Mice and Men,

Flowers for Algernon

or Hey, Dummy




wherein she will



and its synonyms

in PRINT???!!!





If my kid misspellsSTUPID’ on her test,

does this mean she will be






What if the STUPID kids misspell ‘STUPID’? 





STUPID’ on ANY school-sanctioned spelling list is STUPID.





No, I take that back.





Let’s go ahead and teach’em




and each of its conjugations.





Then my 9-year-old

will be able to say that


on ANY school-sanctioned spelling list is












My little first grader fared no better last week.




She came home with ‘WORD FAMILIES’.



You know: 



AT’   family:  bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, vat, flat, slat, splat…

UG’  family:  bug, dug, hug, jug, mug, rug, plug, slug…

UT’  family:   but, cut, hut, nut, put, rut…





One night her homework was to choose

four spelling words from the list,

and then to compose sentences

using each of those chosen words.





At the beginning of the school year, it was SHEER TORTURE for my M2 to come up with those measly FOUR easy sentences.





Now, midway into the year, she’s a pro.





No longer must SassyMama sit beside her and agonize for eternity over the construction of her sentences.





At this point, M2 does this assignment on her own, and when finished, she brings her work for me to check.





This week, she was particularly quick with her sentences. 





In no time at all, she presented her sentences for my approval.

(quite proudly, I must add) 





I walk my dog.”

He sat in the chare.”

The sqwerl ate a nut.”





My sister is not a slut.”






I’m pretty sure

 our school district

 would not only




I think they’ll bump’er


 straight to the senior class.






P.S.  She MEANT to write ‘SLUG’.














2 Responses to "STUPID Spelling Words"

the stupid sluts!

AHAHAHHA too funny sassy!

But joking aside, stupid???? Really?

LOL! ‘The Stupid Sluts’ should’a been my title! LOVE IT! 😉

Yes, 7aki, honest to GOD, ‘stupid’ was on the 3rd grade list; it’s a program that I ABHOR called ‘Word Study’.

I have been on a personal mission for a year to rid our (ALL) schools of this absurd spelling program. It actually penalizes students for placing a correctly-spelled word under an incorrect ‘feature’ — or category. Earlier this year, my M1 flip-flopped the ‘features’ on a spelling test. EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD EVERY, SINGLE WORD SPELLED CORRECTLY, she FAILED the test!!!

I have found far too many incorrect ‘features’ and major mistakes in this program; ‘STUPID’ just gives my argument more ammo!

Look out; Sassy Mama’s packin’ some HEAT! 😉

Hope you’re swell, 7aki !

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