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Ya gotta LOVE elementary spelling lists.





Last week’s words win the prize.





My 3rd grader, M1,

came home with


on her list.





Now, is that REALLY a word EVERY 3rd grader MUST KNOW how to spell in order to be considered ‘well-educated’ or at the very least, ‘competent’?







 be on the big state

Standards of Learning’ test?






in a 3rd grader’s knowing how to spell this particular word? 





Will my kid be READING


Of Mice and Men,

Flowers for Algernon

or Hey, Dummy




wherein she will



and its synonyms

in PRINT???!!!





If my kid misspellsSTUPID’ on her test,

does this mean she will be






What if the STUPID kids misspell ‘STUPID’? 





STUPID’ on ANY school-sanctioned spelling list is STUPID.





No, I take that back.





Let’s go ahead and teach’em




and each of its conjugations.





Then my 9-year-old

will be able to say that


on ANY school-sanctioned spelling list is












My little first grader fared no better last week.




She came home with ‘WORD FAMILIES’.



You know: 



AT’   family:  bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, vat, flat, slat, splat…

UG’  family:  bug, dug, hug, jug, mug, rug, plug, slug…

UT’  family:   but, cut, hut, nut, put, rut…





One night her homework was to choose

four spelling words from the list,

and then to compose sentences

using each of those chosen words.





At the beginning of the school year, it was SHEER TORTURE for my M2 to come up with those measly FOUR easy sentences.





Now, midway into the year, she’s a pro.





No longer must SassyMama sit beside her and agonize for eternity over the construction of her sentences.





At this point, M2 does this assignment on her own, and when finished, she brings her work for me to check.





This week, she was particularly quick with her sentences. 





In no time at all, she presented her sentences for my approval.

(quite proudly, I must add) 





I walk my dog.”

He sat in the chare.”

The sqwerl ate a nut.”





My sister is not a slut.”






I’m pretty sure

 our school district

 would not only




I think they’ll bump’er


 straight to the senior class.






P.S.  She MEANT to write ‘SLUG’.















Last year, a friend told me that once, when her wee one was in time out, the little girl wrote her mother a note:

I hat you !

When mom found the note, she yelled to her hubby,

   “Oh, great, honey:  (Suzy) hats me!”

When I heard that, I laughed so hard I cried!  Now, being the wicked SassyMama I am, I secretly wished that one of my M & Ms would pull a stunt like that so that I could relish the twisted, perverse pleasure of sarcastically retorting to my spellingly-challenged child.  I conjured up a few tasty little remarks and filed them for safekeeping in my Verbal Warfare Arsenal (VWA).  I would be ready.  Now, I knew that because M1 is such a sharp, quick little shit, that I’d not be seeing a note like that from her.  But M2, now she’s another story…(aka Big Source of Fodder for the Snicker).   

I must have put it out to the universe; several months ago, I was cleaning M2’s bedroom (aka Pandora’s Box – you just never know what may come out of there!) when I found a yellow jumbo sticky-note under her bed.

   Yep, you guessed it; my kid hats me, too! 

Woo-Hoo!  Oh, how proud I was that she had passed a major developmental  milestone!  (plus, I couldn’t wait to tell my pal that I, too, was an official member of the Hat Club!)

I rushed from the bedroom.  In my haste, I stepped on an open, months-old tube of Go-Gurt, squirting a congealing blue-green blob all over the dresser.  I’d have stopped to clean it up, but I figured either the dog or the ants would take care of it.  I was too happy to care!  My baby hats Mama!  It’s just too, too cute!

When I finally found my sweet M2, she was locked in the dog’s crate – with the dog – trying to make him drink water from my basting syringe. 

I unlocked her and hugged and kissed her:  My baby!

“Look what Mommy found under the bed, muffin!”

She looked from the note to my eyes with an impish grin on her cherubic little face.

“I’m sorry, Mama.”  (only, as both M & M’s have no control over their                 r-controlled vowels, it came out : saw-wee).

Gone in an instant were the sharp comebacks that were so neatly filed away; gone was my desire to make fun of my own child’s lack of verbal acuity.  Poof!

I was overwhelmed by a warm mamalove, making me treasure the moment, the cute antics of a precious child learning to navigate her emotions.  The master teacher in me kicked in, and I saw this as a perfect “teachable moment”.

“What does this note say, M2?”

“I hate Mama.”

“No, baby, this says, ‘I HAT Mama’.  What do you need to add to ‘hat’ to make it ‘hate’?  I’ll give you a hint:  it’s magic…

“Oh!  An ‘e’!  I need a Magic E!”

“That’s right, babygirl; you see, with the way this note is written, you only hat Mama.  But if you add the Magic E, you can hate Mama, okay?  Understand?”

She nodded, again, a bit sheepishly, most-likely waiting for me to rip off my head and let out the alien who will be furious with her for writing the note in the first place. 

“Now, let’s go REVISE this to make it say that you hate Mama.”  (Hey, I’m an English teacher; SCREW teaching her why we should NEVER hate anything.  If she doesn’t learn to spell and write correctly, she’s gonna hate working at McDonalds).

With a red marker, she added the Magic E (including the proper proofreading caret, go, SassyMama!).

“See, baby?  Now, you hate Mama.”

She looked up at me with great pools in her eyes, slightly shaking her head, but not enough to cause those beautiful crystal tears to overflow.  She leaned  in to bury her face in my waist.

“No, I don’t hate you, Mama.  I LOVE you!   Mommy, I LOVE you!  I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!  I LOVE YOU MOMMY!  I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!  I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!  I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!”

I smothered my baby in mamalove and thanked God for letting me into

The Hat Club.

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