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Four years ago, following a particularly stressful few weeks, I had a meltdown.  In a fit of rage, in the ultimate-‘I’ll-show-YOU!’ bout of masochism The Viv could muster, 



I took a lover.



Though completely out of character for me, I found myself trolling the usual pick-up haunts.  After three or four passes, I screwed my courage to the sticking point and approached the vendors of pleasure.  It was easy pickins; there was quite the selection — all seemingly teasing and enticing me.    


For a brief moment, a little voice screamed in my head,










Another little voice whispered,







 Long have I disdained those who engage in all manner of deviant behavior.  Long ago, I made a solemn vow


Yet, here was I, eager — nay! — determined to partake in utter debauchery, in breaking the bonds of that sacred vow.


It didn’t take me long to size up the many vying for my affections; I knew I would take home the tallest, the longest, the sexiest — the one who could fire my pleasure all night long…and every ecstasy-filled day thereafter.   




Vows be damned!   




Though I found the pimp’s wardrobe to be contrary to stereotype (pimps now wear nametags?), I paid for my lover without guilt; without conscience; with nary a thought for my husband and children. 


My lover and I engaged in a hot, torrid têteà-tête, we two — a night of pure unadulterated passion I’ve never before known was possible.  


Our first coupling left me breathless, and as I gave my body to him over and over again, I knew there was no turning back. 


From then on, my every breath would be for my lover; my every waking moment would be spent pining, yearning, for him to fill me up in such a way that no other man could sate. 


I couldn’t help myself.  At long last, I’d found the ecstasy to my agony — the yin to my yang — and I fell truly, madly, deeply, in love with the seductively smoldering Irishman Nick…O’Tine.










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